Laura Ruderman has called on Progress for Washington, the independent expenditure campaign group funded by her mom, to pull its TV ad campaign against one of Ruderman's rivals in the 1st Congressional District race, Suzan DelBene.

Here's Ruderman's statement:

I am calling on Progress for Washington to immediately take down the television ad that began airing today. I would encourage voters to visit my website and see the positive messages about my positions on issues that our campaign is talking about.

In the ads, DelBene, an extremely wealthy former Microsoft exec (net worth $53 million), morphs into Mitt Romney.

US Sen. Patty Murray weighed in on the controversial IE late last week—before it was revealed that Ruderman's mom was behind it—calling for an end to Democrat on Democrat mud-slinging through a committee like Progress for Washington, which benefits from Citizen United rules that allow unlimited corporate spending.

Our only question: Why a public statement? Can't Ruderman just call her mom on the phone?
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