Rider Strong at EMP

Longtime Cola readers will remember that we used to do a feature called "Last Night."

It was an excuse to color our interminable politics coverage with some groovy culture posts. We wrote about everything from the Walrus and the Carpenter to SIFF to some band called Brain Fruit.

One of my favorites was this mini-essay about a US Marine Corps dinner and dance.

It turns out, the last Last Night we posted was on Dec. 21. There's a lot to review since then (we'll use the Rolling Stone five-star rating method).

From me and Erica:

1. Jimmy Carter at the Paramount downtown (4 Stars ... he had nostalgic, and somewhat deluded, Seattle liberals in the palm of his hand until—as he was always good at doing—he lost the crowd by talking about how he wasn't pro-choice. Ha, check out his White House diaries for his feelings about the National Organization for Women).

2. Wilco at the Paramount downtown (3 Stars ... didn't like the addition of weirdo guitarist Nels Cline so much).

3. Tilth Edible Plant Sale in Magnuson Park (5 Stars).

4. New Sitka & Spruce in Capitol Hill (4 Stars ... I was forced to drop my vegan experiment while I was there for the grilled halloumi...plus the cookies).

5. Hat Shopping at vintage store in Portland (5 Stars ... $8, no sales tax!).

6. Cajun Food Truck (Where Ya At Matt?) in Belltown (4 stars ... excellent vegan (!) red beans and rice).

7. Annie Hall at the new Uptown SIFF in Queen Anne (5 Stars)

8. Getting a library card and hitting the stacks at the downtown library (2 Stars ...pretty random selection).

9. Future Shuttle at the Stone in NYC (5 Stars ... these women better play next year's Decibel Festival here in Seattle).

10. Jewish classical music trio at a Jewish seniors home on First Hill (5 Stars ... the set list ranged from Mendelssohn to Gershwin).

11. Local composers showcase at Benaroya Hall downtown (3 Stars).

12. Sprout local arts fundraiser on Capitol Hill (5 Stars ...I still think the standup bassist should have gotten the grant).

13. Season Six of Mad Men, at home (5 Stars ... loving the development of Megan's character).

14. Hot-tubbing in Leavenworth (5 Stars).

15. Cafe Selam for breakfast in the Central District (5 Stars).

16. The Dish & the Spoon at Northwest Film Forum in Capitol Hill with the filmmaker there for a Q&A (4 Stars).

17. Forum on the elimination of the ride free area in Pioneer Square (2.5 Stars).

18. Chinese foot massage at 12 & Jackson in the ID (2 Stars ... too ticklish).

19. Clybourne Park at the Rep in Seattle Center (3 Stars).

20. Vegan pizza at Pizza Pi in the U. District (3 Stars).

21. Cabin Fever starring Rider Strong at EMP at Seattle Center (3 Stars ... Strong was there for a Q&A. He looks exactly the same as he did on Boy Meets World).

22. Local 360 in Belltown (5 Stars).

23. Karaoke at Seattle's Best Karaoke (5 Stars ... Jet by Paul McCartney and Wings was a smash).
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