In another Elway poll of lobbyists today (check out their grim assessment of the 2012 legislative session here), a strong majority---58 percent---said they believed Republican Rob McKenna would win the gubernatorial election in November. Just 23 percent said they believed Democrat Jay Inslee would win.

Washington voters have not elected a Republican since 1980, when John Spellman beat now-Congressman Jim McDermott in the governor's race.

In addition to their grim prognosis for Inslee's race, most lobbyists said they believed the Republicans would make gains in both the state house and the state senate, although just 38 percent believed the Republicans would take over the senate and just 3 percent believed they would take over the house. Democrats have controlled the house since 2002, and the senate since 2004.

"Considering the vote over the last 32 years," the pollster concludes, "it is remarkable that fewer than 1 in 4 of these lobbyists currently expect Inslee to win the governor’s race."

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