Doonesbury comic artist Garry Trudeau has caused a small ruckus with a batch of strips about the GOP's recent attack on abortion rights; some papers are refusing to run the strip—or are, as the Seattle Times is,  moving the strip to their op/ed pages.

One of the papers that's refusing to run the series is Portland's daily, the Oregonian. Too bad for them that another comics artist, Sarah Mirk, lives in Portland.

Mirk, for those who might not remember, used to do PubliComix, a weekly PubliCola comic. Mirk is now a reporter at the Portland Mercury, where she put her poison drawing pen to work.

In one particularly controversial part of the storyline (due to run in newspapers on Thursday), Trudeau zeroes in on Texas' law mandating a transvaginal ultrasound, likening the procedure (which involves inserting a large plastic probe inside the vagina and prodding for several minutes) to rape. In an interview, Trudeau explained himself this way: "The bill says that in order for a woman to obtain a perfectly legal medical procedure, she is first compelled by law to endure a vaginal probe with a hard, plastic 10-inch wand. The World Health Organization defines rape as 'physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration — even if slight — of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object.' You tell me the difference."

Here's Monday's installment:

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