Gluten-free, and probably very delicious. Photo courtesy Seattle Sweets and Company.

Last we heard from Marisa Lown she was gearing up to launch an allergy-friendly mobile bakery. Those plans are temporarily on hold, but Lown does have another exciting project in the pipeline: Seattle Sweets and Company.

The "urban candy company" will specialize in organic, gluten-free caramels, both vegan and regular. Other products she’s working on include chocolate confections and dessert sauces.

Lown is known around these parts—and especially among wedding folk —for the baked goods she made while running the Radical Cupcake. Lown is phasing out the baking business but says she will happily consult those seeking an allergy-sensitive diet.

Lown currently has a few products on Etsy as part of a Valentine’s promo. By April Lown estimates Seattle Sweets will be fully operating, and once that ball is rolling she’ll probably go wholesale.

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