Via Twitter: “Who the F is Bonny Bear?”

“I love Bon Iver because he makes great music but kind of looks like he’d do your taxes, too.”

If any legitimate hard news broke this weekend—say, a despot died, or Mitt Romney’s hair moved—I would have missed it. I was too busy watching Jeremy Lin highlights on ESPN…or my friends one-upping each other with Whitney Houston tributes on Facebook. It was a Linsane pop culture weekend, but did anyone care? We conducted a very scientific Seattle Met poll to find out.

Out of 14 magazine writers and editors polled…

All 14 heard that Whitney Houston had died. (Phew.)

Five knew what Linsanity was, plus .5 for an editor who knew the name Jeremy Lin, but none of the creative headlines (Lincredible!).

Four "sort of" watched the Grammys on Sunday night (quote: "Ehh")…but three out of four switched over to Downton Abbey at 9.

Half the Met people polled tuned into Downton. One editor admitted to thinking it was "Downtown" Abbey.

Two thought Grammy’s best new artist Bon Iver was being a brat for refusing to perform last night, and probably deserves this Who Is Bon Iver? Tumblr.

Two watched The Walking Dead midseason premiere.

Three Facebooked about one of the above topics this weekend.

One editor tweeted: @alleciav "Matthew Crawley looks like he’s been hitting the Sun-In a little too hard."

What stories did you follow this weekend?

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