What do bare-chested men in army fatigue pants, wool-clad Swedes, and reggae artists in Adidas track suits have in common?

They all have style.

According, that is, to the panel of tastemakers assembled for Screen Style, Seattle's first-ever style-centric film series at Northwest Film Forum.

First-ever? Style films? In Seattle? Yes, and true to our nonconformist ways, you will not find a single one of, say, Vanity Fair's Most 25 Fashionable Films in Hollywood on the dockets for December 7, 8, and 9.

Here's what you will find instead:

For creative director Strath Shepard (Nordstrom, Pacific Standard magazine, Land Management), the impeccable, severly buttoned-up and ironed style of Tom Ripley in Purple Noon works as a sharpening tool. The film's lead is all the more cunning and evil because of his sharp cuffs and crisp shirts. (Purple Noon screens Friday, December 7, at 8.)

For fashion designer and textile artist Anna Telcs, the Adidas track suit-spotted street style of reggae artists in the late '70s, captured in the film Rockers, colors their efforts to shuffle records around Kingston, Jamaica in order to save the world from bad disco music. (Rockers screens Saturday, December 8 at 8.)

In Ingmar Bergman's The Passion of Anna, there's a subtley to the character's tone-on-tone dress as well as the director's quiet, moody minimalism that speaks to globally known Totokaelo owner Jill Wenger. (The Passion of Anna screens Sunday, December 9, at 5.)

Former Frye curator Robin Held (often dramatically dressed herself) pointed at the standards of military dress in Beau Travail, and the way that discipline, order, and uniformity in dress inspire or spoil the same qualities in behavior. (Beau Travail screens Sunday, December 9, at 8.)

What would you pick? How do you define style? Does a character's wardrobe advance his or her plot? The panel and I meet this Saturday at 5 at the Film Forum to discuss all of these things and more. You should join us.

Screen Style
Dec 7–9, Northwest Film Forum, single ticket $10, series pass $30

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