The C. is for Crank

 Albert Shen, a small-business owner, member of the Seattle Community Colleges board of trustees, and potential long-shot candidate for mayor, has an op/ed in the Seattle Times today trashing Mayor Mike McGinn's efforts to promote transit and bike lanes in the city. (The piece, ostensibly about the future of Seattle Center, turns into an anti-McGinn screed within just three paragraphs). 

It's hard to pick the most fantastical of Shen's many anti-urbanist arguments, so here are a few examples: Bike lanes, Shen says, hinder "maritime mobility" and make roads less safe for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Huh?

Streetcars are a "sprawling" waste of money. 

"Mandated leave policies" (requiring larger businesses to let sick employees stay home) and "new hiring requirements" (I literally have no idea what he's talking about) are making it impossible for small businesses to get a leg up in our socialist city.

Utility bills are too high.

Finally, those darn voters just keep passing tax levies, making it virtually impossible to own a home. (Don't they know that the city would be better off without funding for libraries, schools, and veterans' services?)

McGinn opponents will surely have to make the case that his policies have failed, but arguing against popular measures like paid sick leave, transit and the families and education levy isn't going to be a successful strategy in a pro-transit, pro-worker, pro-education city like Seattle.
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