1. Isn't it Weird That ... Everyone thinks Mayor Mike McGinn is toast. Ask voters why they sent the last two incumbent mayors packing in the primary—Paul Schell and Greg Nickels—and they'll tell you WTO (for Schell) and the snowstorm (for Nickels).

But think about it: McGinn contained Occupy and dealt swiftly with the May Day anarchists (no WTO) and got high marks all around during last year's snowstorm.

Oh, and extra credit: he scored a stadium deal that could potentially bring the Sonics back to town.

2. Isn't it Weird That ... The Republicans in the state legislature may soon be scrounging for a two-thirds supermajority (to send a constitutional amendment to the people) if the State Supreme Court tosses out their favorite rule—the two-thirds requirement to raise taxes. 

Look for the GOP to suddenly be complaining about the tyranny of the minority.

3. Isn't it Weird That ... The State Supreme Court has no recourse if the legislature doesn't abide by the McCleary decision to fully fund K-12 schools.

4. Isn't it Weird That ... The Republicans in the US Congress are able to jam up the "Fiscal Cliff" negotiations with discredited budget offers by claiming President Obama doesn't have a mandate.

After months of election season debates about Romney's plan to give millionaires tax breaks and Obama's plan to tax them, the public awarded Obama with 332 Electoral College Votes, 46 more than Bush won in 2004.

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