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1. Josh has a feature story on state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle) in the magazine this month; it gets into Murray's personal history, his history as a hothead, and his history of getting things done.

The article went to press before the coup, but definitely anticipates Murray's "shaky" position as the caucus leader.

And it comes with this (now) priceless quote from Murray:

“I work well with them,” Murray says about his conservative foes in his own party, “but there’s been some policy disagreements. I could be the shortest-lived majority leader in state history,” he jokes.

2. We should probably save this for our "Isn't it Weird That..." column, but isn't it weird that Peter Steinbrueck, who's now running for mayor, will stop working as a paid lobbyist on two big deal issues, but not a third?

Yesterday, after announcing his candidacy, Steinbrueck did the ethical thing and said he'll end his contracts with the Port of Seattle lobbying against the NBA arena proposal and stop working as paid lobbyist for the Mirabella retirement community building against the South Lake Union upzone. As he told the Seattle Times yesterday: “I can’t continue to have those types of dual roles ... I think both of these issues will defining issues for our city.”

That's cool. But doesn't he think the tunnel—and the pending funding issues (a $200 million revenue shortfall, for example)—are defining issues for Seattle?

Guess not. Steinbrueck says he will continue working for the Washington State Department of Transportation on the tunnel.

 3. A group of local religious leaders will hold a press conference today at Temple De Hirsch Sina in Capitol Hill calling on the state legislature to pass gun control legalisation.

From the press release issued this morning:

“We understand that preventing gun violence is not a simple matter and that honest, well-intentioned people will differ on exactly what measures are required,” said Rabbi Daniel Weiner at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, “but we must make a start. We ask our elected officials to put the welfare of our children and the safety of our citizens ahead of partisan concerns and enact substantive gun violence preventative measures in 2013.”

Gun control legislation has typically flopped in Olympia.


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