1. Isn't it weird that state Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Bellevue), whom former state Republican Party chair Diane Tebelius once described as "lack[ing] credibility and sincerity" and called on to resign (this was back in 2006 when Tom switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party), is now the ringleader of the Republican coup in the senate?


Back in 2006 GOP Chair Diane Tebelius said Rodney Tom lacked credibility

2. Isn't it weird that Gov. Chris Gregoire, who shied away from taxes when she was in charge, is suddenly all about new taxes when her budget doesn't matter? (Gov.-elect Jay Inslee, who has vowed no new taxes, gets to write his own budget after he takes office in January and politely said he "appreciates her thoughtful effort").

Isn't it weird that Gov. Chris Gregoire who shied away from taxes when she was in charge, is suddenly all about new taxes?

Gregoire, who previously opposed raising any new revenues without voter approval, outlined a lame-duck 2013-2015 budget today that includes a new tax on wholesale gas and diesel.

Gregoire's budget would also extend a surcharge on service businesses, extend an increase in the beer tax, and impose taxes candy, gum, and soda pop. In addition, it would suspend I-732, which guarantees teachers automatic cost-of-living pay increases.

(Gregoire did get a candy and soda tax passed in 2010, but it was overturned by voters.)

3. Isn't it (really) weird that Seattle PI.com columnist Joel Connelly—the same writer who asked now-Gov.-elect Jay Inslee about whether President Obama was "well-equipped" after the two played basketball together and, Connelly speculated, possibly hit the locker room together—just recycled a decades-old story on Facebook about the late KIRO 7 meteorologist Harry Wappler?

Riffing on last-night's lack of snowfall, Connelly reminded the world wide web that then-anchor Sandy Hill asked Wappler about his failed snow prediction: "What happened to that six inches you promised me last night?"

Connelly has a long memory, but seems to have forgotten that he also recycled the story one year ago, when he told it in his PI.com column.  He also didn't seem to remember Hill's name that time around, describing her merely as "a former Miss Washington." 

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