1. Mayor Mike McGinn isn't doing polling on his likely opponents yet, but he is testing the waters. His most recent campaign finance reports show that he did $850 worth of robo-polling.

His consultant John Wyble at WinPower Strategies tells Fizz they "test[ed] a few issues that are in play and the relative importance of them in the minds of voters."

Wyble wouldn't say what the issues were.

2. If you're wondering what the "bipartisan" coalition's policy agenda will be in the state senate this year, look no further than the Association of Washington Business' 2013-14 Legislative Agenda.

The conservative policy paper includes everything from getting the charter school system going, to assuring the two-thirds rule for raising taxes, to scaling back state wage and hour laws.

Repeal ... state vehicle miles travled policies ... and oppose implementing a Low Carbon Fuel standard..You can read the whole AWB document here. But this wish list on beating back environmental regulations will give you a good sense of their agenda: 

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