First, the races you're dying to know about; then, everything else.

The short version: President Obama, probably Governor Jay Inslee (if his big numbers in King County hold), legal pot, the two-thirds rule for taxes upheld, seawall approved, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, charter schools leading, but only narrowly, the state senate retained by Democrats, gay marriage leading, and, finally, Democratic congressional candidate Suzan DelBene defeating Tea Party Republican John "The Rape Thing" Koster—the fourth extremist anti-choice Republican to go down nationwide.

The PubliCola "One Question" tonight goes to the Republicans: Can McKenna overcome Inslee's 63 to 37 advantage in King County? Conventional wisdom says a Republican candidate needs to be around 40 percent in King County to have a chance. Statewide, with McKenna winning all of Eastern Washington and several counties in the west, including Pierce, Inslee still had a 51.4 to 48.6 percent lead.The PubliCola "One Question" tonight goes to  the Republicans: Can McKenna overcome Inslee's 63 to 37 advantage in King County?

The Democrats are happy to answer the question. Inslee's spokeswoman Jaime Smith says, "We're not ready to call it, but we like where we are," adding that Inslee was "outperfoming expectations."

And Democratic consultant Christian Sinderman said: "The gist of it is, unless there's a significant deterioration in the King County vote, it's going to be hard for McKenna to have a chance."

However, Washington State Republican Party Executive Director Peter Graves was confident of a McKenna victory. He broke it down like this:

The Democrats had better early turnout in King County and McKenna's numbers would pick up there as more votes come in. (Inslee's spokeswoman Smith actually alluded to the same possibility, acknowledging that the early votes are more partisan, which, in King County, does translate into Democratic votes as opposed to the independent votes that McKenna was winning in the polls.)

More important, Graves pointed to Pierce County, where McKenna is winning 51.86 to 48.14. "If we turn it around in Kitsap and Snohomish, "we win absolutely," he said. While McKenna was behind in both Kitsap and Snohomish, Graves said the trend was going their way.

Finally, he said McKenna had higher numbers and turnout in Eastern Washington than even Republicans usually do—making the King County gap less relevant.

Sinderman, however, disputed that last point. He said McKenna had to outperfom expectations in Eastern Washington and Democratic data showed that wasn't happening.

Guess we'll resolve these two conflicting claims tomorrow.

Here's where things stood on Tuesday night.


Barack Obama wins.


Jay Inslee beats Rob McKenna 51.68 to 48.23.

State Initiatives

Initiative Measure No. 1185
Concerns tax and fee increases imposed by state government

Approve 64.06 percent

Reject 35.94 percent

Initiative Measure No. 1240
Concerns creation of a public charter school system

Approve 50.83 percent

Reject 49.17 percent

Referendum Measure No. 74
Concerns marriage for same-sex couples

Approve 52.39 percent

Reject 47.61 percent

Initiative Measure No. 502
Concerns marijuana legalization

Approve 55.96 percent

Reject 44.04 percent

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8221
Concerns implementing the Commission on State Debt recommendations regarding Washington's debt limit

Approve 62.65 percent

Reject 37.35 percent

Senate Joint Resolution No. 8223
Concerns investments by the University of Washington and Washington State University

Approve 44.15 percent

Reject 55.85 percent

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (D) 53.18 percent

Reagan Dunn (R) 46.82 percent

U.S. Representative  Congressional District

John Koster (R) 45.28 percent

Suzan DelBene (D) 54.72 percent

And here are the results in the six state senate races that could have shifted the balance of power to the Republicans. The Democrats went into the election with a 27-22 advantage.

The Republicans, however, only seem to have one pickup here—holding a lead in the 10th Legislative District where Democratic state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen finished the night behind.

Here are the numbers in the six races.

Legislative District 1

State Senator

Rosemary McAuliffe (D) 57.34 percent

Dawn McCravey (R) 42.66 percent

Legislative District 2

State Senator

Randi Becker (R) 59.89 percent

Bruce L. Lachney (D) 40.11 percent

Legislative District 5

State Senator (View All)

Mark Mullet (D) 53.84 percent

Brad Toft (R) 46.16 percent

Legislative District 10

State Senator

Barbara Bailey (R) 51.9 percent

Mary Margaret Haugen (D) 48.1 percent

Legislative District 17

State Senator 

Don Benton (R) 49.72 percent

Tim Probst (D) 50.28 percent

Legislative District 41

State Senator

Steve Litzow (R) 53.52 percent

Maureen Judge (D) 46.48 percent

And in other races:

Supreme Court

Justice Position 9 

Sheryl Gordon McCloud 55.7 percent

Richard B. Sanders 44.3 percent

Seattle Proposition 1: Seawall Levy 

Approve 76.95 percent (requires 60 percent to pass)

Reject 23.04 percent 

King County Sheriff

Steve Strachan 42.23 percent

John Urquhart 57.35 percent

US Senator

Maria Cantwell (D) 59.7 percent

Michael Baumgartner (R) 40.3 percen

Congressional District 2

U.S. Representative 

Rick Larsen (D) 62.12 percent

Dan Matthews (R) 37.88 percent

Congressional District 3

U.S. Representative

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) 59.14 percent

Jon T. Haugen (D) 40.86 percent

Congressional District 6

US Representative 

Derek Kilmer (D) 58.98 percent

Bill Driscoll (R) 41.02 percent

Congressional District 7

U.S. Representative 

Jim McDermott (D) 81.2 percent

Ron Bemis (R) 18.8 percent

Congressional District 8

U.S. Representative 

Dave Reichert (R) 59.29 percent

Karen Porterfield (D) 40.71 percent

Congressional District 9

U.S. Representative

Adam Smith (D) 71.44 percent

Jim Postma (R) 28.56 percent

Lt. Governor

Brad Owen (D) 53.45 percent

Bill Finkbeiner (R) 46.55 percent

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (R) 49.59 percent

Kathleen Drew (D) 50.41 percent

State Treasurer

Jim McIntire (D) 58.32 percent

Sharon Hanek (R) 41.68 percent

State Auditor

James Watkins (R) 47.21 percent

Troy Kelley (D) 52.79 percent

Commissioner of Public Lands

Peter J. Goldmark (D) 58.19 percent

Clint Didier (R) 41.81 percent

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler (D) 57.9 percent

John R. Adams (R) 42.1 percent

Supreme Court

Justice Position 9 

Sheryl Gordon McCloud 55.7 percent

Richard B. Sanders 44.3 percent

Legislative District 11

Legislative District 25

State Senator

Bruce Dammeier (R) 61.16 percent

Eric Herde (D) 38.84 percent

Legislative District 36

State Representative Pos. 2 

Gael Tarleton (D) 57.24 percent

Noel Christina Frame (D) 42.76 percent

Legislative District 46 

State Representative Pos. 1

Gerry Pollet (D) 67.09 percent

Sylvester Cann (D) 32.91 percent

State Representative Pos. 2 

Jessyn Farrell (D) 63.95 percent

Sarajane Siegfriedt (D) 36.05 percent

Seattle Proposition 1: Seawall Levy

Approve 76.95 percent (requires 60 percent to pass)

Reject 23.04

King County Proposition 1 (Fingerprint Levy)

Approve 59.29 percent

Reject 40.7 percent

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