Oh Zoe, don't feel left out.

 It’s called a production error; we’re calling it a major bummer. When you read my review of Restaurant Zoë you’ll get why.

Take a second to read it. I’ll wait.

I remember the moment Zoë soared to the short list, during an early summer dinner over a plate of luscious short ribs with nettle puree and smoked onion marmalade.

Man! The skill involved in conceiving such a dish and the skill evidenced in bringing it to plate were roughly equal (rarely the case), and the result was so richly flavorful and satisfying, it was an instant wow. Other dishes on subsequent visits revealed consistent innovation and uncommonly artistic plating, making Restaurant Zoe a standout and an improvement in both style and substance, to my mind, over its beloved former digs in Belltown.

Bravo and mea culpa to owner Scott Staples, chef James Sherrill, and Restaurant Zoë’s entire staff.

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