I'm having trouble remembering Mike Tyson, heavyweight champion of the world. I can recall Tyson the ear-biter, the easy punchline, the scene-stealer in The Hangover. And lately, he's Tyson the vegan. So Mike Tyson, stage star? Not surprising. He's probably powered by the same tiger blood as Charlie Sheen.

This February Iron Mike launches a three-month, 36-city tour of his solo show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, with a stopover at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on March 14. This two-hour stumble down memory lane—written by Tyson's wife Kiki and directed by Spike Lee—covers well-tread ground: his childhood in Brooklyn, his early boxing career, ex-wife Robin Givens. It opened to a friendly crowd in Las Vegas in April and to raised eyebrows on Broadway this summer, where it lasted 11 days at Longacre Theatre and took more than a few punches from critics. But there’s something to be said about witnessing this Mike Tyson—the once volatile boxer convicted of rape who's since found a way to laugh at himself. My favorite review comes courtesy of Neil Genzlinger for The New York Times: "That incongruous, almost childlike Tyson charm pokes through occasionally and makes you momentarily forget how ham-handed and manipulative the show is. … By the end of Undisputed Truth you may at least be willing to grant that it would be swell if Mr. Tyson has finally found a nondestructive way to exist in the world."

Tickets ($35–$85 + fees) go on sale Saturday, December 8, at 10am at tickets.com or stgpresents.org. You've been forewarned.

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