Blackbird Apothecary

For your bearded beau
5465 Leary Ave NW,
Baxter of California shave set, $66





Curtis Steiner

For one-of-a-kinds
5349 Ballard Ave NW,
Handmade necklace with antique beads, $160




Clover Toys

For junior engineers
5333 Ballard Ave NW,
Catamaran construction set by Haba, $35





For the wannabe baker 
5335 Ballard Ave NW,
Cinnamon– and honey-scented candle by Greenmarket Purveying Co., $22 



Card Kingdom

For the big kids in your life
5105 Leary Ave NW,
Settlers of Catan board game, $38





For snazzy outdoorsmen
5419 Ballard Ave NW,
Colored canvas vest, $75

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