The Capitol Hill Seattle blog reports that local comedian and cafe owner Tristan Devin was found dead yesterday morning inside the 12th Avenue People's Republic Kafe. He was 32.

"Medics and police were called to the 1700 block of 12th Ave Sunday morning just after 9a to respond to an apparent suicide. At this point, we have not confirmed the cause of death with authorities," jseattle said. Devin had recently taken over the cafe and was acting director of the People's Republic of Komedy, a comedy-arts nonprofit that doubles as a support group for local comedians, getting them stage time across the city and generally making Seattle a funnier place to live. Devin split his time between the cafe and doing his own stand-up: as a Laff Hole regular, at Bumbershoot, hosting podcasts. His more recent comedy dealt with Halloween and depression; read more at

On a pesonal note, I had just met Tristan a week ago... stopped by the cafe with one of PRoK's co-founders, Emmett Montgomery. He was smiling. It's hard to think he isn't there anymore. What a sad day for Seattle comedy.

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