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9. Daily Beast fact check roundup

10. Salon fact check[pullquote]"I'll vote for you, dude. But Obama: GET IT TOGETHER."—somewhere on Vashon Island[/pullquote]

The most consistent thing you'll find in these fact checks is that Romney's $5 trillion tax cut pledge isn't fact-checkable because he's not telling the public how he's going to pay for it.

As we noted on our twitter barrage during the debate last night: "combine 'some' agencies? them."

Regardless, as we also noted, Romney was well-prepared and Obama was meandering. (The only rehearsing Obama seemed to have done was to have his shout out to Michelle for their anniversary down.)

Romney, like an eager A-student whose hand shoots up at every question, clearly won the debate last night, including getting off the best sound bite: "Trickle-down government"—a catchy (and less crazy sounding) way of blaming Obama for creeping socialism.

And Obama fans: Stop blaming the ref.

To quote the most telling tweet we saw last night (from a Seattle ... pardon, Vashon Island! ... lefty): "I'll vote for you, dude. But Obama: GET IT TOGETHER."
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