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1. Evidently encouraged by the more than $2 million that the DC-based Republican Leadership Committee put in to Republican AG candidate Reagan Dunn's campaign last week (the money paid for independent expenditure attack TV against his opponent, Democrat Bob Ferguson), the Washington State Republican Party kicked in $48,000 in last-minute money directly to Dunn's campaign on Friday, according to the Public Disclosure Commission.

2. The newly drawn 1st Congressional District—stretching from the Microsoft suburbs in King County north to the Canadian border—is supposed to be tough turf for Democrats by the time it gets into Skagit County. 

A bit of a coup for Democratic candidate Suzan DelBene in Skagit County

So, a bit of a coup for Democratic candidate Suzan DelBene who was endorsed by the Skagit Valley Herald on Sunday.

The endorsement means DelBene has gotten the nod from all three major papers heading North on the I-5 corridor through the district, including the Everett Herald (which endorsed DelBene earlier this month) and The Bellingham Herald (which also issued its endorsement on Sunday.)

The one big paper that endorsed DelBene's arch conservative opponent John Koster? The Seattle Times.

3. Speaking of the Times: The Seattle Times' in-kind ad contribution to R-74, the pro-gay marriage campaign, began running yesterday. (The $80,000 in-kind will run four more times in the runup to the election—next Sunday, next Wednesday, the following Sunday, and the following Wednesday.)

Given that it's an "in-kind" contribution and not an independent expenditure like the Times' controversial McKenna ad, the R-74 campaign controlled and designed the ad themselves.

Here's the full ad, which was designed by R-74 media consultant Moxie Media. 

The Times' in-kind contribution is also different from their  $75,000 McKenna independent expenditure  in that it's a match. The Times set up a 4-to-1 spend—with the R-74 putting up $20,000 for the buy. 

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