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 Today's Winner: Suzan DelBene

DelBene, the Democratic candidate in the new 1st Congressional District, is well ahead of her Republican opponent John Koster, according to the third quarter fundraising reports that came out today.

In addition to raising more money this quarter ($580,000 to $430,000) and having raised more money overall ($1.1 million to $980,000), DelBene also has more cash on hand.

DelBene, a former Microsoft Exec and head of the state Department of Revenue, has $486,000 in her bank account while Koster, a social conservative Snohomish County Council Member and former dairy farmer, has $317,000 cash on hand.

Koster got a $5,000 contribution from Chevron Oil and $1,000 from Arch Coal Inc. PAC. 

DelBene contributed $400,000 of her own money to her campaign before the primary, but she did not contribute any money to herself in this quarter—July-September.

Combing the latest reports for interesting contributions, we did find $5,000 to Koster from the Citizens' United Political Victory Fund (the conservative PAC that gave us the Citizens' United decision that established unlimited and secret corporate giving to independent expenditure campaigns).



We also found a $5,000 contribution from Chevron Oil and $1,000 from a coal PAC (Arch Coal Inc. PAC from St. Louis, Missouri). These contributions are noteworthy because Koster's recent ads have challenged DelBene for opposing the Keystone pipleline and the coal train to the Cherry Point Terminal outside Bellingham. (Arch Coal has a financial stake in Cherry Point.)

DelBene's camp says they are not opposed to either project; her spokesman, Viet Shelton, says DelBene is waiting on a comprehensive environmental review before issuing an opinion. He would not say where she stood on the previous Keystone proposal that the Obama administration rejected. 

Today's Other Winner: 46th District State House Candidate Jessyn Farrell

Transportation advocate Farrell, who's running against Sarajane Siegfriedt for the open house seat in North Seattle, has now been endorsed by both the teachers' union (the WEA) (which endorsed her several weeks ago) and the pro-charters ed reform group, the League of Education Voters (which endorsed her last week).

Getting endorsed by both LEV (even though Farrell told them very clearly that she didn't support charters) and the union, arch rivals of the ed reform group, is tantamount to getting the nod from Magneto and Professor X.

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