If you’re the kind of person who admits to peeking in your host’s medicine cabinet during dinner parties (c’mon, you know you do it), you’ll like this new series. With each Studio Day post, we’ll go into a local designer’s space and take a look at how they work.

Talk about a heat wave.

Since summer in Seattle doesn't start until Independence Day, that means August is really only—in the grand scheme of things—July. When we get to September, that'll be like August. We're in the middle of summer, people.

(Let's just hope I'm not jinxing it.)

Bottom line: it's prime time to get yourself into a so-retro-it's-modern two-piece suit by Angela Holstrom of Frankie Four.

I visited her North Seattle studio earlier this summer, and I couldn't be happier with the navy number I walked away with a week later. If I were a braver person, I'd post a picture of me wearing it, but rest assured that is not going to happen.

Instead, I offer this video of her studio. Sure, it's one of those places that could totally use a "bless this mess" sign, but you can't beat the opportunity to select your fabric and pattern, and get some face time with the suit maker and her staff.