Five-year-old wine bar Bricco makes way for a restaurant called LloydMartin (an amalgamation of the chef/owner’s grandfathers’s names).

Sam Crannell—who has cooked at Quinn’s, Oddfellows, and the short-lived Five Corner Market Bar and Kitchen in Ballard—plans to open a new restaurant, LloydMartin, at 1525 Queen Anne Avenue. Crannell says the space, which has hitherto contained Bricco della Regina Anna, has been for sale for more than two years.

Bricco owners Kevin and Tracy Erickson, who also own Moshi Moshi, recently unloaded Harlow’s on Ballard Avenue as well—I have been unable to reach them about either of these developments but an announcement from Tracy on the Bricco Facebook page reads: “Say goodbye to Bricco! After 5+ years, we have decided to sell to some very excited buyers! Please stop by on Tuesday evening for one last hurrah!”

Crannell says he’s working with Quinn’s colleague Roddy Lindquist to create a beer list, and a sommelier at Portalis, where his wife Tracey Stoner-Crannell chefs, on the wine. The food will have French, Spanish, and regional American influences. But there won’t be burgers and fries. “I never wanted to be a gastropub chef,” says Crannell who will double as the restaurant’s pastry chef, making desserts like malted waffle with peanut butter ice cream and dark port chocolate syrup.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: No use it both of us writing everything twice. Here are more details about LloydMartin from Eater Seattle’s Allecia Vermillion.

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