In addition to drinking pumpkin beer, you can dress your dog up in a pumpkin costume. Because this is America.


Elysian Brewing Company’s brewer-in-chief Dick Cantwell revealed yesterday that he is working with the folks at Tom Douglas Restaurants to create Serious Pumpkin, a beer featuring three varieties of America’s favorite gourd.

The squashes will be sourced from the Douglas family’s Prosser Farm, which is already supplying sour cherries for another forthcoming TDR beer. Serious Pumpkin should make the Bravehorse Tavern menu later this fall, according to Cantwell, and will possibly pop up at other T-Doug joints. (One could not be blamed for expecting to see it at Serious Pie, given the name.)

It will also be one of the more than 50 pumpkin beers poured at Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, to be held on October 8 and 9 at Elysian’s new Georgetown brewery, where no beer has yet been brewed. The brewery is expected to go into operation within the next few weeks.

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