Looks from NuBe Seattle’s summer collection.

Where: SoDo loft of local design duo Graypants, 3220 First Ave S, #400, Seattle

What: When it comes to demonstrating that all you need is right here at home, NuBe Green is doing what it came here to do. Sure enough. Dispensing all American- and Seattle-made, often recycled or repurposed goods, the Cap Hill shop shows off innovative ideas and thoughtful, spirited approaches to sourcing and resourcing.

A fine example is the store’s in-house line of women’s clothing, NuBe Seattle. This week’s party celebrates Vashon Island designer Adrienne Antonson’s summer collection. Sneak peeks give me a summer-camp-meets-grandma’s-cabin-attic kinda feeling; plaids, textured linens, earthy leather straps, and shapes you can wear while chasing boys, girls, wild horses, and rare birds. Antonson is doing really good work with local fibers, found materials, and Northwest-meet-global trends in silhouettes and overall style.

The fact that Graypants is hosting means another layer of modernism-by-way-of-Old-World-sensibilities. Reuse, reduce, radicalize.

Sources tell me owner Ruth True “loves a party” so don’t be shy. A chronic underestimater recently asked me if anyone actually goes to the trunk shows and in-store fashion events that happen around town. I’ll tell you what I told that Ms. Tragically Low Expectations: You’ll have to go to find out.

When: Thursday, June 9 from 6 to 9

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