Restaurant Zoë moves to South Capitol Hill

Photo: Restaurant Zoë

UPDATE: Nancy Leson of the Seattle Times reported Tuesday that the Staples will be closing the Belltown Zoë on July 23, and confirmed that chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough (Spur, Tavern Law) will almost certainly take the space over.

This just in from Kirby Kallas-Lewis, owner of Oola Distillery:

Scott and Heather Staples will be moving Restaurant Zoë, currently on 2nd Avenue in Belltown, to South Capitol Hill. Kallas-Lewis said the Staples signed a lease to occupy a 2,300 square-foot space in the SE corner of the Oola building at 14th and Union.

Rumors have been flying about what will move into the current Zoë, but no confirmation on that yet.

Also moving into the Oola building: a Chinese restaurant called Lucky 8.

We’ll post details when we have them.

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