1. "Hurry Up"

—A nomination in the King County Council Position 4 race late at last night's 46th District Democrats endorsement meeting. Incumbent Larry Phillips managed to beat the challenge and win the endorsement 50 to 1.

The other winners from last night's Northeast Seattle Democratic district meeting are:

Incumbent Jean Godden, who's been having trouble getting District endorsements, managed to pull off a dual endorsement last night, sharing the endorsement with SDOT manager Bobby Forch.

The District gave all the other incumbents—Tim Burgess, Sally Clark, Bruce Harrell, and Tom Rasmussen—sole endorsements.

In the heated School Board races, the District endorsed incumbent Peter Maier in Position 1, made no endorsement in the Position 2 race where Sherry Carr is the incumbent, and endorsed challenger Michelle Buetow over incumbent Harium Martin-Morris in Position 3.

The District went with the pro-tunnel position in Referendum 1 with an 85 percent vote.

2. "The Explanatory Statement for Seattle Referendum No. 1 inaccurately describes current law and misstates the effect of R-1's adoption. Most significantly, the statement falsely informs voters that R-1 will determine whether future notices by the Seattle City Council will be by ordinance, when in fact R-1 says nothing about that issue."

—From the pro-tunnel campaign's opening statement filed for today's Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission hearing on the Ref. 1 ballot language.

"The explanatory statement is prejudicial and confusing. It contains impermissible discussion about what would occur if the voters reject the measure. And it also includes disputable conclusions about the law as it presently exists and the effect of the measure if approved."

—From the anti-tunnel campaign's statement filed for  today's Seattle Ethics and Election Commission hearing on the Ref. 1 ballot language.

3. "$25 million"

—The new line item that replaced the $210 million Budget Driven Revenue line item in the state budget for the final quarter yesterday.  The $185 million shortfall puts the state $85 million in the red.

"The Governor had directed me to request that all state officials curtail discretionary expenditures for the remainder of this month. This goes beyond the freezes currently in place. Please limit all expenditures that are not necessary to conduct the essential state services for the remainder of the fiscal year."

—from State Budget Director Marty Brown's memo yesterday to all state agency directors and elected officials.

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