declares the Northwest sartorially relevant with a slideshow of style images by Kyle Johnson from last weekend’s Sasquatch festival. See the whole s

I’m used to running into slideshows of concert-goers as ‘street’ stylers on—Coachella is sort of the new Tuileries, no?

It’s good that the same site that glorifies fashion editors in Prada should nod it’s head at indie rockers in high-waisted denim and vintage. After all, your average Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, and similar lines, is influenced equally by both.

So I was psyched to hear that the online style center had assigned a photographer to cover Sasquatch. As you know, I’m hugely in favor of fashion and media outlets cluing into the fact that the Northwest is sartorially relevant and design savvy.

But I was double psyched that it was frequent Seattle Met and Seattle Met Bride & Groom shooter Kyle Johnson who had been sent to capture the ankle boots and grandpa hats.

And then, well, triple-psyched when Johnson sent me a note this morning to let me know that had launched their slideshow of his shots. Guess this officially makes him the Tommy Ton of Eastern Washington. And intro text on the slideshow page makes our fest the new best.

Congrats, Kyle, and congrats, Seattle.

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