But before all this, alder planked salmon anyone?

Image: Tribulation.com

Twitter’s food and drink folk had a lot to say this week about the imminent arrival of the End of Times. Let’s have a look.

Coming in at number 5, Portland’s Michael Alberty makes a prediction about the souls of wine people. That is: God doesn’t want them.

If the rapture does occur this Saturday I’m pretty sure my Sunday wine tasting group will remain largely intact.

4. Nice pick, Zach Thaxton, "Emmy-winning TV news anchor/reporter" from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

If the Rapture really is coming, what would you want as your last meal on earth? Alder Planked Salmon from Elliot’s Oyster House in Seattle.

3. And to you, Josh Rubin of Toronto, Canada, we say this: That’s a very solid choice for a final beer. (We should warn you, however, that the Rapture may accidentally forget to come to Canada.)

Gonna buy some Unibroue fin du Monde to celebrate the end of the world tomorrow.

2. Hear, hear @Mychal70.

All this talk of the rapture happening tomorrow makes me glad Seattle Beer Week already started. Way to go out with a bang!

And coming in at number 1 this week: some very relieving news from God by way of comedian Jim Gaffigan.

"I didn’t say Judgment Day. I said Judge MINT Day. Which is better Mentos or Tic Tacs? Hope there wasn’t any confusion.” – God

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