Alice Waters reveals her alter ego.


If New Year’s Eve is amateur night for drinkers, April Fool’s is definitely amateur day for comedians. It’s ugly out there on Twitter. But here is our list of fool’s-related tweets we enjoyed.

Consider it—and the fact that we won’t post some unfunny fake post today—our first-of-April gift to you.

5. The always hilarious Meghan Carlson sums things up well.

I heard April Fool’s Day is just an invention by the Fools Industry to sell more fools.

4. "Serious Teats" is our favorite of the fake new sites from Serious Eats.

We’ve launched 3 new sites, among them Serious Wheats (bread-related) and Serious Beets –

3. What’s Conan doing in there? Silliness from Chef Jose Andres.

new reality show on @nbc "Desperate Chefs Wives" with my wife, @tomcolicchio @NoReservations @ericripert @conanobrien wifes coming fall

2. The Twitter feed from the cobra that escaped the Bronx Zoo (and then was recaptured) was the best thing to happen this week. And now it is sharing recipes!

A great cake recipe: 2 cups sugar, 4 eggs, 1 cup milk, 2 cups self-rising flour, 1 saw, 1 stick butter. And mix. Bring it by the zoo..

1. But it’s Alice Waters who takes the April Fool’s prize.

Yes, It’s True. I Am @RuthBourdain.

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