1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) It Gets Better tonight at Town Hall with Dan Savage (!) and his partner Terry Miller.
3) Republican state Sen. Doug Ericksen explains his lone "No" vote.
4) Today's big news: McGinn's Elway Poll numbers. Ouch!
5) And probably even bigger news: City Attorney Pete Holmes says anti-tunnel referendum isn't kosher and files a lawsuit to stop it.
6) In some harsh news: Pierce County transit cuts start now.
7) Sally Clark's favorite movies.
8 ) State Rep. Tina Orwall's homeowner protection bill passes.
9) Erica asks why tunnel opponents (environmentalists, no?) are trashing it for its lack of car capacity.
10) Tim Burgess proposes anti-wage theft legislation to protect immigrants.
11) Seattle Transit Blog: "The best way to manage population growth is to follow the pattern of places like Bellevue and Northgate and create new urban centers outside of the center city."
12) Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
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