We all know Rachel the Pig: iconic downtown mascot, sentry of Pike Place Market’s signage. Well one day in February a big bad taxi cab barreled through the promenade and screeched, "Let me through! Let me through, little pig, or I’ll barrel into you!"

"Not by the bronze of my skinny skin skin," said the little pig, for she’d been there 25 years. But of course the taxi did barrel in and sent the hog to the hospital, it did.

But now, friends, we squeal a happy squeal. After that unfortunate incident with the careening cabbie (shudder to think of all the toddlers wobbling around there!), the 600-pound oinker returns to Pike Place on Friday, March 18. She’s due around 1:30, but before putting down hooves for another decade or two, the actually not-wittle piggy has been going hog-wild around Seattle. See for yourself in the slideshow.

All photos by Lucas Anderson.

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