1. Two weeks ago, Afternoon Jolt had word that King County Council member Bob Ferguson was going to declare his candidacy for Washington State Attorney General this month.

This morning Ferguson, an independent-minded Democrat who burst on to the political scene in 2003 defeating 20-year incumbent Cynthia Sullivan in north Seattle and Shoreline, sent out a press release and a YouTube video making it official.

Republican King County Council member Reagan Dunn is expected to run for AG as well, but it would be impolitic for him to declare until current Republican AG Rob McKenna says he's not running for reelection. (McKenna is widely believed to be cueing up a run for governor.)

2. A statewide Elway Poll (here) asking voters if they supported state Rep. Eileen Cody's (D-34, W. Seattle, Vashon) legislation to kill a batch of corporate tax breaks ($150 million worth) to help fund the basic health plan found 61 percent support.

Gov. Chris Gregoire's budget for the 2011-2013 biennium completely cuts the $442 million plan which subsidizes health care for about 55,000 low-income residents.

3. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman has embraced Mayor Mike McGinn as his new best friend. At a recent eastside gala, Freeman thanked McGinn for raising parking rates in Seattle:

“I guess I can thank the city across the lake to send as many people as they can to shop in Bellevue. (Seattle) Mayor Mike McGinn is my new best friend.”

4. Bitter Twitter: Former Dino Rossi campaign spokeswoman, Jennifer Morris, retweeted this one this morning:
Spotted: Sen. Patty Murray in first class line at gate N15 United flight 916 to Dulles. Not wearing tennis shoes.

The mocking remark was originally tweeted by local GOP consultant and former Bush spokesman, Scott Stanzel.
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