Esquire has no love for Seattle’s new kitchens.


We love you Esquire, but do we need to draw you a map to the Pacific Northwest? No wait, you’ve been here. In 2010 you named Seattle one of the best restaurants cities in America.

This makes it all the more surprising that we didn’t receive one mention in your 2011 Best New Restaurants list. We didn’t even make the other-new-restaurants-that-are-also-good list.

One can only hope that another addendum is on its way.

Here’s the full list of Esquire’s Best New Restaurants List 2011:

Ai Fiori, New York
Boulud Sud, New York
Chicago Cut Steakhouse, Chicago
Congress, Austin
Cotogna, San Francisco
Dominique’s, New Orleans
1500°, Miami Beach
Fiola, Washington, D.C.
Legal Harborside, Boston
Lincoln Ristorante, New York
Michael Mina, San Francisco — RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR
Millesime, New York
The Pullman, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Ray’s & Stark Bar, Los Angeles
Salinas, New York
Sotto, Los Angeles
Tico, Boston
Towne Stove & Spirits, Boston
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco — DESIGN OF THE YEAR

Oh well. At least Portland got left out too.

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