Today's Winner: The Disability Lifeline

Needing to get up to $1.1 billion in savings to balance the last two quarters of the current state budget, the house passed its supplemental budget bill today adding  $345 million in savings (mostly cuts) to the $588 million in cuts they made during the special session.  (They've got another $260 million to go.)

Spared: The Disability Lifeline—a medical and living expenses stipend for unemployable adults with disabilities—which the governor had cut in her proposal.

The Republicans also pitched cutting the Disability Lifeline in their supplemental budget proposal.

Today's Loser: Sound Transit.

According to a survey of Southeast Seattle residents by the Transportation Choices Coalition and OneBusAway, transit riders (and Seattle residents in general) remain cool to the idea of riding light rail, in large part because they don't understand how to use the new rail system and believe the closest rail stop is too far away.

Among the stats:

Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed thought the walk to the nearest light rail station was "difficult or somewhat difficult."

More than 20 percent thought it was too difficult to get customer information on how to use light rail.

Just seven percent of respondents said that if they need to go downtown they would use the light rail.

And overall, about half the respondents drove alone to work at least four days a week, with women (41 percent) much less likely to drive alone than men (61 percent.
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