Live from radioland Ira Glass leads a taping of This American Life. Photo: Courtesy George Barcos.

Why is everything happening on Saturday? How are we supposed to be at the Lady Gaga concert, Ira Glass show, and No Depression Festival at the same time, huh? Riddle me that.

By the way, have you heard that Ira Glass will be spinning at Re-bar after he leads a taping of This American Life at Benaroya on Saturday night? I’m not kidding. Dan Savage will deejay, too. Someone called it a nerdgasm, and that’s kind of perfect. 8pm at Benaroya; 10pm at Re-bar.

MUSIC FEST We had the chance to talk to Jason Dodson, front man of Seattle’s beloved alt-country band the Maldives, before their gig at the roots rock-athon No Depression Festival at Marymoor Park. Find out what he had to say about tequila and “American” music here.

BOOKS & TALKS As tension flares in Arizona over the new immigration law, it’s all too fitting that Olympia author Jim Lynch is on a book tour for Border Songs, his cheeky story of a 6’8, dyslexic, romantically challenged Border Patrol guard who bumbles his way along the invisible line between Washington state and British Columbia. Lynch reads at the Edmonds Bookshop tonight.

SPECIAL EVENTS If you wander down to Olympic Sculpture Park on Saturday or Sunday and wonder a) why there are about 50,000 more people there than on a normal day, and b) why it smells like the ‘70s, you’ve happened upon Hempfest. If you’d prefer the polar opposite, head west to Long Beach, Wa., for the annual Washington State International Kite Festival. The weeklong event continues through Sunday.


In a dive bar in Lower Manhattan, everyone knows your name—even the quiet stranger in the corner. Eek. Conspiracy theories spin out of control in the excellent political thriller Yankee Tavern, in its final week at ACT Theatre. Thru Aug 29.

Seattle Opera’s production of Wagner’s legendary love story Tristan und Isolde closes on Saturday.

And the monthlong Olympic Music Festival —classical concerts coated in hay—is in its final weekend.

And now… we go gaga for Gaga.

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