The Harbor Steps. Janke’s Lecosho is situated to the right, at the top of this set of steps in the burgundy building.

Word’s out on Matt Janke’s new restaurant, Lecosho, opening on the Harbor Steps downtown. Rumors have been floating for some time that Janke—the Matt from Matt’s in the Market, the Pike Place showstopper he once owned—had been eying the former home of Koji Osakaya, and today word comes via email that he and business partner Jill Buchanan have signed a lease.

Anyone familiar with Harbor Steps has no doubt noticed the buzz of activity there in recent months. Construction has commenced, and the restaurant should be ready for business toward the end of summer. As for who will chef the venture, Janke’s keeping mum, only noting “talks have begun.” Diners can expect a lunch-dinner menu inspired by regional, seasonal fare. Considering the name (“lecosho” is the Chinook term for pig or swine), we’re guessing porcine plates will dominate.

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