1. Andrew Garber at the Seattle Times Politics Northwest blog reports that Republican candidate, David Castillo, who's running for retiring U.S. Rep. Brian Baird's (D-3, WA) open seat is embarrassed about some video footage that has surfaced. It's not what you think. Apparently Castillo filmed himself while driving on the way to the GOP convention.

Our highlight from the Politics Northwest blog is Castillo explaining himself: "I kind of got caught up in the moment because my web guys were like 'we need more video of you just doing what you do on the campaign trail."

2. The Everett Herald compared and contrasted some polling data from the AP and from NPR. Both polls guaged the popularity of Democratic and Republican candidates nationwide. The surprise twist at the end? While the AP poll found the Democrats winning out, liberal NPR had Republicans ahead, 49-41.

3. At the Bellingham Herald's Politics blog Sam Taylor reports that Tim Eyman's I-1053—the initiative that would require a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature on all tax increases—was endorsed by the Washington Retail Association.
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