What to do first? Check out the spring/summer sale at La Rousse (includes this Sophomore top), or the shop owner’s stylish links?

Seattle-based online boutique La Rousse headed into its spring/summer sale yesterday; see what you can score for 40 percent off, then check out owner Amanda Rosenthal’s favorite links.

From Amanda:


Park and Cube I love seeing Shini’s perspective on fashion that includes vintage, DIY, designer and cheap wares from the H&Ms of the world. She also makes a lot of unique pieces (DIY) herself and shows you how to do it in pretty step-by-step photography. Her sense of style is financially attainable and wearable so I like to see how she mixes things up.

Sea of Shoes Most of us know Jane Aldridge’s blog as she as has been showing up in lookbooks and magazines for a few years now. How can one woman travel and have so much fun while wearing the most inspiring fashion? Lucky girl! Her asthetic changes on a daily basis, but her love of vintage (both designer and not) cannot be ignored. She’s never worried about over-doing it, and I appreciate her opulent fashion sense that works at the Dallas opera or Coachella. After seeing the Seattle uniform of hoodies, urban sneakers, jeans and a vintage tee, it is refreshing to see someone’s take on fashion that is so different. So many colors, heels and skirts!

Kingdom of Style Kingdom of Style is a hugely popular British blog about all things fashion related. It is lead by Queen Michelle and Queen Marie who share their adventures, experiences and experiments within the world of style. Kingdom of Style is filled with fashion do-it-yourself, interiors, jewels and outfits, all portrayed with a large slice of humor. I like their darker perspective on fashion that incorporates a bit of Goth and fantasy. They also highlight a number of smaller designers that I would not know about if I hadn’t read Kingdom of Style.


Mary Meyer Clothing Mary Meyer is one of my favorite designers; her brand represents easy, wearable everyday style as well as plays a huge roll in the indie music scene. Her warm and friendly sense of community pops up all over the country as she sponsors events in NY, LA, San Francisco and hey! maybe Seattle some day. She’s not just a designer trying to sell clothing to the masses. She enjoys coordinating fun events with a local presence. Everyone is always welcome too. No snobbery here.

w29 Showroom This is my favorite showroom in New York City. The proprietor extraordinaire, Susanne, has an acute fashion sense that is truly special. She represents hard-to-find lines such as Rodebjer, Margarita Saplala, Draugsvold and Octopi. On the showroom’s blog, you can see lookbooks from her lines before they are shown to the masses as well as stay current with any press they have received across the globe. In an industry that has been a bit late in embracing technology, I appreciate how W29 has stayed ahead of the curve with social media and what’s new in music.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race Slow and Steady Wins the Race is more than a clothing line. They are a clothing label presented as a bimonthly clothing diary, cataloging ideas that are focused on a specific and fundamental characteristic of clothing design. With each issue, Slow and Steady Wins the Race intends to slowly open the cap on a more democratic dissemination, promotion and appreciation of clothing. The mission of the label is to push and produce interesting and significant pieces from the simplest fabrics and materials. I enjoy reading their blog to see what the next “issue” will be and also to see what unique events they are doing in New York. When you view their collections in person, the events are set-up more like an art exhibit than a fashion show.


Paperdoll Once a top retail destination for independent fashion labels, now Paperdoll follows smaller designers from the US, Canada and abroad in an easy-to-read format. They do a great job in finding fledgling designers that are just about to make it big. This is a great resource.

Lookbook Lookbook.nu is a fashion blogger’s dream and a unique concept that I have not scene before. It catalogs fashion bloggers from Seattle to Bangkok by allowing anyone to post pictures of themselves in awesome outfits. As you scroll through the latest pics and find something you like, click on the picture to see other outfits from the fashionista and learn their blog URL. Lookbook.nu is a very active community connecting fashion lovers all over the globe. Who knew there were so many fashion bloggers with truly unique style?

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