To the women he beat, raped, and forced in prostitution, Derrick Hargress was known as "Vamp," short for vampire, according to charging documents.

Prosecutors have charged Hargress, a self-proclaimed gang member, with promoting prostitution and kidnapping after, prosecutors say, he forced a woman into prostitution at an Aurora motel, and later kidnapped from her North Seattle home.

Court documents say Hargress met the 22-year-old woman in May. Court records say Hargress told the woman "if she didn't work for him...he would hurt her and the people she lived with." Court records do not say where the woman first met Hargress.

The woman went to work for Hargress and, on May 26th, was arrested by King County sheriff's deputies for prostitution. Hargress bailed her out and told her she owed him $500, and would pay it off by continuing to work for him.

It appears that while the woman was working for Hargress, she—along with at least one other woman—was held captive at the Isabella motel on Aurora, where Hargress also allegedly sold marijuana and crack cocaine.

Court records say that while the 22-year-old woman was with Hargress at the motel, she witnessed him brutally beat another prostitute. Hargress then allegedly forced the 22-year-old woman to have sex with him, and threatened to beat her as well if she refused.  This wasn't the last time Hargress would threaten the woman with violence.

Court documents say Hargress told the woman "If you ever try to hold back money from me, I'll tie you to the bed and fuck you in the ass."

At some point, it appears the woman escaped the motel room, but it wasn't long before Hargress tracked her down.

On June 9th, court records say Hargress came to the woman's boyfriend's house in Pinehurst and asked for the woman, claiming to have her ID. When the woman went to the door, police records say Hargress told her he had several gang members "waiting down the street to help him shoot up the place" if she didn't leave with him. Court documents say Hargress is a self-proclaimed member of the Hoover Crips gang.

The woman left a note saying where she was being taken—"the Isabella Motel Room 26"—and asked for someone to call the police.

The woman's mother called 911 at about 6:00pm and officers immediately went to the motel and rescued the woman.  Hargress was not in the room at the time.

Police arrested Hargress the next day, and booked him into the King County Jail where he remains on $250,000 bail.


Court documents say Hargress has previous convictions for drugs, assault, domestic violence, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, armed robbery, auto theft, weapons possession, and was released from federal prison in 2008.

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