Savage Love, on stage: Christopher Sieber (left, as Savage) Lucas Steele (as Miller) star in the Off Broadway play The Kid.

It’s one thing to be a gay couple trying to adopt a child. It’s another to have someone turn the whole thing into an Off Broadway play. This week’s New York magazine features an article about the Stranger’s longtime sex columnist Dan Savage attending opening night of The Kid, an adaptation of his memoir, with partner Terry Miller and 12-year-old adopted son DJ. How did the play go over with the family?

“It’s hard to tell with [DJ],” Savage says at intermission, just out of DJ’s earshot. “He said it was weird, and there’s weird-good and weird-weird. I think this was weird-weird. I wish we could all wear burkas tonight.”

Read the article in its entirety here, and see a slideshow of New Group’s The Kid (running through May 29) here.

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