Back in the USSR: Comedy Iron Curtain makes its local debut at Village Theatre in 2011. Photo courtesy Lauren Hartman.

NEWS. Village Theatre takes on two new productions in its 2010-2011 season: one based on classic children’s story Anne of Green Gables and the other a musical "commie-dy," Iron Curtain. Things are getting cheeky over in Issaquah.

The Full Monty
Though the shock of the bare-it-all finale has faded since the movie first came out in 1997, the musical still gets laughs as six unemployed steelworkers plot to strip to get out of debt. Issaquah: Sep 15-Oct 24; Everett: Oct 26-Nov 21.

Anne of Green Gables
Co-composers Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman adapted the 1908 children’s novel about a spunky orphan girl for the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati in 2000. It previewed to standing O’s at last summer’s Village Theatre new musical festival, and returns this year for its local debut. Issaquah: Nov 10-Jan 2, 2011; Everett: Jan 7-30.

Actor Michael Caine enjoyed this caper so much, he starred in the original film in 1972 and the 2007 remake. But it all started with Anthony Shaffer’s Tony-winning play about a mystery novelist who convinces his wife’s lover to come to his estate, where a twisted cat-and-mouse game ensues. Issaquah: Jan 19-Feb 27, 2011; Everett: Mar 4-27.

Iron Curtain
The Soviets decide they want to write a Broadway musical—so they kidnap two New York playwrights and force them to pen it. It’s a comedy! And even better: It’s inspired by actual events. (The Soviet Union wrote propaganda musicals in the 1950s to compete with Broadway.) The show previewed as part of Village Originals in 2007, and now makes its local debut. Issaquah: Mar 16-Apr 24, 2011; Everett: Apr 29-May 22.

Jesus Christ Superstar
It’s been 18 years since JCS last played Issaquah, and Judas is mad. The rock-musical returns with the original score by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Issaquah: May 11-July 3, 2011; Everett: July 8-31.

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