HE LOVED RAISING pit bulls and fighting cocks. His name was William Belond, but everybody knew him as Billy the Mug—which was also the name of his celebrated saloon at Second and Washington. Posing here circa 1897, Billy looks as ready to rumble as his favorite pooches and poultry, but he had a soft side. Although the ladies loved him, he remained a bachelor—and, decades later, one Mrs. Burnett revealed why. When she was a little girl, Billy the Mug was in love with her 18-year-old cousin Dolly, who as it happened had a large, finely made doll that uncannily resembled her. They planned to marry, but Dolly died suddenly of scarlet fever. Billy kept the doll, the only feminine touch in his bachelor quarters. Soon after this photo was taken, Billy learned he had advanced tuberculosis and packed off to, by various accounts, Denver or Tucson, where he died in 1913. He took Dolly’s doll with him.

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