Crust Almighty
I love pizza. That being said, I am surprised by some of the pairings in " Pizza Smackdown " (March 2010) and even more surprised by their bottom lines. Most are juxtaposed with common bonds, but a few run on parallels that share only one common denominator—pizza.

True pizza lovers will agree that pizza is defined by its crust. Thin vs. thin, thick vs. thick, deep dish vs. deep dish, etc. You can’t compare apples to oranges and call it a competition.

Tutta Bella vs. Via Tribunali vs. Pizzeria Pulcinella makes marginal sense. And even less sense is Talarico’s and Northlake Tavern and Pizza House. Northlake prides itself on the overtopped thicker-crusted pies that the college youth appreciate, while Talarico’s excels in its perfection of the thin and chewy East Coast–style pie that highlights the sweet sauce and the quality toppings.

All things size related should remain in the Valentine’s Day issue. However, it would be kinda fun to happen upon a field of grazing dough-mammals…
An Anonymous Pizza Aficionado
Downtown Seattle

Through Thick and Thin
I’ve eaten at Topolino’s (" Pizza Smackdown ," March 2010) a few times and have always had a good pie. I’m from Chicago, where the really good pizza is, so I’m adjusting to this thin crust–thin pie thingy. That being said, the service has always been good and the pies are ready to eat quickly. I might have to trip over to the city to compare A New York Pizza Place.

Muni Wi-Fi
The article " The Wi-Fi of Oz " (February 2010), regarding the mayor’s proposal for municipal Wi-Fi in Seattle, confuses a couple of issues. Experiences in the U.S. with publicly owned broadband are remarkably good—some 60 cities have built a publicly owned fiber network and offer services on it. Seattle would be the biggest, but large cities such as Chattanooga and Lafayette (with public power companies) are doing well.

Wi-Fi ventures generally did poorly, but a number of cities that didn’t contract it out have had some success with public safety approaches, and some of them offer hot spots or other services to residential users.

Ron Main [executive director of the Broadband Communications Association of Washington] and others like him are going to push against it hard—and will use every trick in the book to maintain their monopoly, but Seattle could well benefit from building its own network. It will help if the power company is cooperative, but they have seemed aloof on plans. One thing is sure, communities that have built their own networks enjoy better networks and lower prices because competition drives investment and lowers prices.
Christopher Mitchell, Director of the 
Telecommunications as Commons Initiative 
at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Minneapolis, MN

On Your Right!
The real danger in Interlaken Park lurks not with the dogs (" Civil Disobedience ,” February 2010) but with the aggressive bike riders. The vast majority of dog owners and their dogs (on- and off-leash) as well as bike riders are respectful and friendly to each other. Most share this beautiful park without incident. On occasion a cyclist will come up from behind without a sound while riding far too fast (for the people, children, and animals who share their path) and they will almost run you over. When that happens, it is always the innocent walker who gets berated by the biker.
Heather Lavin
North Capitol Hill

In the March issue travel story on touring Okanogan County, " Roam, If You Want To ," we got a couple links wrong: Learn about camping at Lost Lake at 
(enter search terms “lost lake”) and about Molson School Museum at

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