Book-it Rep’s holiday staple Red Ranger Came Calling closes on December 23.

Book-It Rep has decided to swap a sprawling prairie saga for Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility this season—a midseason shakeup that’s another reminder that yes, Virginia, we’re in a recession.

"Though we always try to avoid making changes to our schedule, prudent planning in lean times means we must find ways to maximize our potential earned income—Austen is historically our strongest seller," founding co–artistic director Jane Jones said in a statement. They’re postponing an adaptation of Ivan Doig’s Prairie Nocturne—an epic novel about adulterous lovers and racism set in Montana in the roaring ’20s—until next season, in favor of picnics and Dashwoods. This in a year that already includes a Dickens crowd-pleaser, Great Expectations.

Put even more simply by managing director Charlotte Tiencken: "This decision is purely in response to the economic climate."

Hear that? In some parts of the world, they call that a "call to arms." If you’re still looking for holiday gift ideas or things to do over your winter break, consider going to the theater. They need you as much as you need them.

Book-It Repertory Theatre’s Red Ranger Came Calling closes Dec 23.

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