Rhum agricole from Martinique is the only rum to have an AOC.

Let’s talk, for a second, about rhum agricole, a term that refers to certain rums made in the French Caribbean and especially Martinique, home to the Clément estate. France has granted an AOC to that rhum agricole made in Martinique—the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée recognizes the island’s rhums as being totally distinct from others and made according to strict guidelines that ensure quality and consistency.

Rhum agricole is made not from molasses or sugarcane syrup like most rums, but from pressed sugarcane juice. (Cachaca, from Brazil, is also made with pressed sugarcane juice). The Clément rhums, made on Martinique since the 1880s, include a couple of aged blends; the four-year V.S.O.P.—which is aged first in French oak and then in old bourbon barrels; the unaged Premiere Canne; and a rum-based orange liqueur called Creole Shrubb.

Next Monday, November 8th, Spur is hosting a dinner with special guest Ben Jones from Rhum Clément.

The five-course meal costs $90 and includes five courses paired with five cocktails from Rhum Clément and Rhum JM (also from Martinique). This is preceded by punch and hors d’oeuvres starting at 6pm. Dishes are tuna tartare; sous-vide pork belly; smoked king crab with winter squash, pecans, and greens; beef cheeks with carrot and horseradish; and rhum walnut sponge cake with bananas, ices cream, and sea salt.

Call the restaurant for reservations.

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