Washington voters decided 63 to 37 last night to repeal the taxes on soda, candy, and bottled water the legislature passed last session. The taxes (temporary on soda) would have raised about $96 million this biennium. It was on piece of the legislature's fix the $12 billion revenue shortfall they face over the last two session.

The governor released a statement on the vote this morning, addressing the soda and candy tax.
“There’s no doubt I’m disappointed that voters decided to repeal the temporary sales tax recently imposed on soda and candy. We are currently closing a $520 million budget gap and going into the next biennium we face at least a $4.5 billion shortfall. The additional cuts we will have to make due to this loss of revenue will have significant consequences.

“I am committed to transforming the budget as Washington moves forward. We know we can no longer afford many of the programs and services that Washingtonians rely on. I look forward to working with elected leaders of both parties, as well as the public, on finding solutions to our budget crisis.”

She also included stats on how much the repeal will cost the state each year:$55 million in the current biennium, $217 million next biennium, and $80 million in the biennium after that.
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