Rocky Yeh, who is currently earning his bartending chops barbacking at local cocktail lounges, told me yesterday that he has been charged with setting up the bar for Seth Caswell’s new project Emmer and Rye. Yeh says he still plans to open Faraway, though the venture will likely begin as a catering and consulting business before it becomes a fullfledged bar.

As you might expect, the Emmer and Rye bar will focus on rye whiskies. This is a good thing, rye whiskey being of life’s principal joys. Yeh says he also plans on offering as many small batch spirits as budget allows. Look out for some of Yeh’s original cocktail creations too.

Caswell and Yeh have their work cut out for them: the restaurant, which will take over the spot on Queen Anne currently housing Julia’s (see here for more details), plans to open to the public on February 1st. Julia’s serves its last brunch on January 20th. Anyone who has ever opened a restaurant will tell you that’s a big giant YIKES, but Yeh said he has things pretty well under control. "In a way I have the least to do," he told me. We’ll see what he’s saying by the end of the month.

Chef Caswell parted ways with Benjamin Hodgetts, the restaurant’s original bar manager, this summer. He is president of Seattle Chef’s Collaborative.

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