Poco Wine Room’s Peter Moore and Sheri LaVigne, proprietor of the soon-to-be Calf and Kid cheese boutique, are teaming up to bring a wine and cheese tasting event to Capitol Hill. Poco Wine Room will host the “Washington Terroir” on Sept 17th, highlighting flavors of Washington.

Guests will sample four to six wines and four artisan cheeses, upping their pairing IQs with suggestions from the pros. LaVigne will feature fromages from Black Sheep Creamery, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Blue Rose Dairy, and Estrella Creamery. But she’s keeping mum on exactly which flavors and which vinos will take center stage—there’s nothing like wait-and-see to curdle suspense.

Cost: $30, event starts at 7pm. RSVP at 206-322-9463 or info@pocowineroom.com.

Get a taste of Poco’s happy hour here or, if you need more cheese, school yourself on the local creameries and learn to make the perfect cheese plate with chef Daniel Ahern.

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