Wear What When is not a political blog, but it is community-oriented, and a member of our community, Kay Butch-Blum, is running for a Position 5 on the Seattle School Board in the August 18 primary.

Smith-Blum, a lover of chic flats and Italian knits and a mother of three who co-owns the clothier Butch Blum with her husband Butch, is running a green, lawn sign- and flyer-free campaign aimed at reframing education for the benefit of the entire city.

No, there isn’t any talk of introducing Moschino skirts and Paul Smith jackets as school uniforms, but I do know Kay to be nothing but passionate, determined, and extremely driven. That she’s agelessly stylish really doesn’t hurt either, nor does the fact that, as a private citizen in 2004, she raised a nice stack of cash to fund music programs in the local schools, has served on a number of PTSA boards over the years, and is already racking up lots of endorsements.

As a business woman in the style sector and a retailer with nearly three decades of success in Downtown Seattle, she certainly deserves consideration.

This link will take you to a recorded forum on the KUOW site that oughtta give you a good entry point for getting involved and getting to know the candidates if you haven’t already.

If you have questions about the election or need to register to vote, use this link to get started.

(Image from Butch Blum’s 35th Anniversary collage.)

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