At $14.99, Chinook’s cab franc Rosé is just an excellent value. I had the chance to try the recently released 2008 the other evening and loved the strawberry fruit and pretty pink color.

If you’ve been turned off my too-sweet pinkies in the past, fear not: this one’s dry enough to ward off the sugar gags.

I’m posting about it on a Saturday because it is not just a kick-back-after-work wine, it’s also a kick-back-on-a-Saturday-afternoon wine. Its got nice acids and will pair well with your picnic foods: pack it up with brie and crackers and head on out.

Chinook is a Prosser-based winery run by a husband-and-wife-team: Kay Simon is the winemaker, Clay Mackey is the grower.

You can find their wines at Ballard Market, Whole Foods, Pete’s, and a bunch of other places.

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